Skill isolationPublished 20/12/2013
Today in a Kata Combat session, I was working through a revision of what we have been covered so far. It wasn't supposed to be a test, but rather just a recap of some of the key principles we had been focusing on in our drills. The idea was that the striker assumes that there is a need to continue hitting the focus pad with primary strikes until a secondary motion is required through my reaction. I purposely didn't explain what I would do as the reaction. Once I received multiple strikes on the pad, I covered it with my free arm, the striker cleared the arm out of the way and continued the striking onslaught. Then for example I would step away or drive forward and cover to then grab and fight back. My reactions were not prescribed and were chosen to make it difficult for the striker and create mayhem. 

Under the pressure, there some key competencies in footwork and body mechanics that were just not being executed fully - the pressure had taken over. So I decided to isolate some of the skills that were required through sub drills where the variability was significantly lessened. We then reverted back to our previous drill, where I made a conscious effort not to provide the reactions in the same way as I did before. The results were so much better; the mayhem didn't result in the striker being overpowered, they stayed in control and was able to effectively escape.

A great session!

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