Session PlanningPublished 01/12/2014
Recently, I've returned to a local private school to run a series of Self-Defence and Awareness sessions as part of the students Physical Education lessons. The course runs for 8 weeks so we can cover and practice quite a bit of material. Planning out the lessons is an enjoyable exercise as I consolidate the key messages and learning points into bite size chunks. I have to strike the balance between verbal discussion of self-protection principles and practical physical skills. Each lesson has a desired outcome; this is loosely defined for example: To understand that self-defence is primarily about awareness and avoidance. The verbal material, and drills used to support this outcome are mentally listed and adapted depending on how well the class progresses. I like to ask question as we go along to 'test' knowledge rather than just talking through the detail. I also like to back up points using examples that the class can both relate to and find applicable to them. Talking through a nightclub entry scene is not the best example to use for 15-16 year olds, but being out and about with friends at say a party or in town is more relevant. Having the ABC RED framework is huge help as it means we can work our way through each letter it turn.

The sessions are going very well. Everyone really understands the ABC RED model and how it applies to them as well as others. Everyone has already worked on managing their own personal space, create distance and strike where necessary. I'll be using drills in the coming sessions to add pressure, and based on the progress, I'll learn to adapt the drills and exercises further to keeping improving myself too!

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