Kata Bunkai - ChoicesPublished 03/12/2014
I was talking the other day with a Karate colleague that I bumped into (not literally) whilst queuing for coffee. Our conversation soon moved onto the subject of Kata Bunkai - was only a matter of time - we were commenting on how some kata that don't look particularly diverse in technique can from a combative perspective be capturing a diverse range of in fight choices presented in various scenarios - acknowledging just how chaotic combat can be. It reminded me of my Jion e-Book where I take choices as a kata theme or attribute as I explore the combative motions within. Below is a passage taken directly from the e-Book (which is a FREE download here) where I describe the kata theme.

Kata Combat Theme – Jion

Regarding the Kata Combat theme, Jion presents explicit choices in the application of the various techniques. For example consider the sequence of the three Age Uke (upper block) combinations leading up to the first Kiai. The first two in the sequence are performed with a Gyaku Zuki (reverse punch) as a follow up and the last precedes an Oi Zuki (stepping punch). This shows that the creator is aware of the choice between punching on the spot or moving with forward drive as the opponent reels back during the physical fight. These choices exist because, in a fight, things are not guaranteed to go to plan. The Kata will not provide every possible answer but assumes a certain instinctive response from the opponent.

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