Kata attributesPublished 17/12/2013
 Whilst discussing with a colleague the many attributes to kata, we started to talk about the order of the techniques and motions that are laid out in the kata itself. We discussed the notion that the kata techniques are ordered in such that the corresponding combative principles and bunkai progressively increase too. Although in agreement, I believe that by having a more flexible approach to kata bunkai can we derive more benefit from the kata itself. I explained that the order of the motions may well be mapped out in this way, but also in a way that preserves attributes like symmetry and repetition. Progressive combative principles contained within the kata are ordered in such a way that allows those motions to be trained in its solo form too. When those principles are exercised through drills, motions from various sections of the kata can be employed as if looking them up and selecting from a repository.

Bassai Dai for example, starts with a forward driving forearm block and ends with a sequence of knife hand blocks. This motion can be used as a supporting motion when applying others found elsewhere in the kata. It does not necessarily address the most basic of combative Bassai Dai principle. Full details on this particular sections can be seen in this FREE Sequence 1 from the Bassai Dai/Passai eBook here

Enpi/Wanshu for example, starts with a downward block whilst dropping to one knee and finishes with a jump. From a competence perspective, these opening and closing motions provide a frame to encompass all the other rising and falling motions within. From a combative perspective, the drop to one knee can be used again to support the various other applications of downward block in this framed section.

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