About Rakesh

Self-Defence & Fitness

Rakesh Patel is a Karate 6th Dan black belt and qualified personal trainer. He and is the founder and principal  instructor at Kata Combat Self-Defence & Fitness. Rakesh's approach utilises techniques from martial arts and effectively applies them to Self-Defence. These physical skills are taught as last resort techniques should escape not be possible. 
In all Kata Combat classes, Rakesh teaches that the first line of defence is to avoid adverse situations through suitable awareness. In his classes everyone takes a healthy approach to situational awareness and increases knowledge and skills through discussions with fellow members. The physical skills covered are simple and effective and are practiced so that situations conclude with successful escape. 
Rakesh has a relaxed yet passionate teaching style that is clear, energetic and humorous. Progression is at the heart of all tuition and as a result, Kata Combat Self-Defence & Fitness is popular amongst those seeking comprehensive and realistic life skills.

Rakesh is a registered and insured Self-Defence Instructor with the British Combat Association. He holds an instructor qualification awarded by Iain Abernethy for the practical application of Karate.

Development Coaching & Sports Club Consultancy

Rakesh holds a Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring awarded by the Institute of Learning & Managment (ILM).  For the last 20 years, Rakesh has worked with global teams in various management roles and specialises in Business Analysis & Development. He works closely with clients to develop in many areas; their business, career, training and life in general. Rakesh uses his holistic self-coaching model in the sessions to great effect, transforming needs of others into visible results. 

Rakesh consults for instructors in martial arts and sports groups. He works on developing their own training required in order to operate at higher levels. Through effective collaboration, he helps to enhance their technical and organisational skills as well as refine/establish their internal operationing methods.