Training DrillsPublished 05/12/2013
Training Drills: I'm part way through organising and documenting some training drills so that they can be stored on my phone. This will mean that they're easily accessible whenever I'm training. I have 4 categories so far; Kata Competence, Kata Combat, Bunkai & Combat Fitness. The idea is that each drill is simple and easily recognised. Although the drills are all well known to me, there are always some that I haven't used for a while. I can add an element of variety by randomly choosing a drill from a particular category to run through there and then.

This is one taken from the Kata Competence category and can be performed solo:

Perform three Kata of choice at full speed & power with minimal rest in between. 
Rest for 3 minutes, omit the one you felt was the best & perform the remaining two again with no rest in between. 
Rest for 1 minute, omit the best one, and perform the last one for the third & final time.

This drill relies on my introspective inspection of the Kata. The nominated kata to omit is based purely on how well I feel I performed that kata. Based on my best effort at the time. The drill of course can be scaled up and/or more variety added.

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