To Do list and ABC REDPublished 01/01/2015
In October, I gave an overview of how the ABC RED model can be used to manage and improve resilience - here's the link 

Improving our resilience takes time and a conscious effort in order to derive benefits - worthwhile results are attainable, but they won't be instant. During the process, each step may need to be covered over and over again before moving on and completing a full 'cycle'.

The ABC RED model, due to its diversity, can also be used for those relatively quick hit tasks on your to do list.

At this time of year we tend to set 'New Year Resolutions' and 'Goals' or 'Areas of Focus', and usually this starts with a good clear out at home. Things like sorting out piles of paperwork, filing the dreaded tax return and clearing junk from the garage and spare room are all on my to do list!

I'm tackling every one of these tasks with the ABC RED model as my guide.

I'm well aware that my office drawers need sorting through (I have been since September last year!). So today, I opened them up fully, took a few deep breaths whilst I mentally assessed how much I had to sift through (most of it is recycling I'm sure) reassuring myself it that it wasn't really as bad I had perceived. With that, I cleared a bigger space on my desk so I could work clutter free. Out came the contents of the drawers in a single pile. My response: on went some music, and I then inspected every sheet of paper and filed it accordingly there and then - I was right, most of it was recycling. My drawers, now only contain exactly what I need. I escaped by re organising my desk again, leaving all pieces of paper appropriately filed. In my debrief, I revelled in my glory as I now have sparsely filled drawers that open and close with ease. I told my wife all about it, she was impressed and gave a supportive thumbs up - as well as a request to sort out the messy drawer in the kitchen!


So after that, I feel great! There is satisfaction knowing that I've ticked off an item of the to do list. It really didn't take long, just a concerted effort in a process that ABC RED mapped out for me.

So, it's onto the garage tidy up tomorrow morning!


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