More on training drillsPublished 06/12/2013
More on training drills: Continuing on from yesterday's post on training drills I wanted to write a reminder of how some of the benefits are derived from the drills themselves. I believe drills should have purpose or desired learning outcome(s). Even if the purpose of the drill is to simply 'get the right frame of mind' or 'get warmer and increase the heart rate'. These are valid examples of where a simple movement drill is a good tool to achieve the training outcome. If say the objective is to test the ability to deal with an unplanned attack (with verbal and physical aggression) and effectively escape, then maybe one drill will be need to be split into smaller sub-drills. Each drill tests some key combat competencies in a stepwise fashion as the drill is scaled up and culminates in one final pressure test and the desired outcome is reached; effective escape.

The key point is that it must be clear what the purpose of the drill is, as by the drills nature, assumptions are made. These assumptions allow the drill to be effective, targeted, safety conscious and of course fun. A drill could be to simply 'fight' upon long as the protocol and objectives are clear to all involved in the training then that 'fighting' can be a great learning experience.

I remember attending a 'Karate' seminar a few years ago. There was such a gross misunderstanding of a drill protocol (on the student's part), as well as how drills should be designed and executed (on the instructor's part) that sadly one student was knocked unconscious.

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