Kata CompetencePublished 02/12/2013
Kata Competence: In the KSTSK Karate classes, we have all been working hard on our Kata Competence. In yesterday's senior grade sessions, the classes were split into two roughly equal groups - in number and grade. One group would perform a kata (full speed no count) whilst the other sit out and watch, once completed, they swap over. This alternation of roles continued for eight kata (All 5 Heians, Tekki Shodan, Bassai Dai & Kanku Dai).

This protocol introduced a bit of pressure to kata performance, now each group has twice as much room and half the class are spectators, nobody checks to see if they're actually being watched, as they know they are. Everyone is focusing on matters in hand. For most, all of a sudden, not messing up becomes priority number one. Of course nobody did, there was the odd glitch here and there...but the pressure was not only accepted, it was used to fuel a greater performance like a turbo charge. Most glitches were as a result of pushing harder, stepping faster, tensing more, kicking higher, shouting louder and more...

Now and again, an extra bit of pressure applied to an already focused, introspective looking and hard working group draws out greater kata competence. Like a worked muscle, the discomfort of pressure forces growth and progression.

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