IntegrationPublished 18/12/2013
Another topic that came up in our discussions was what I refer to as integration. Here is an excerpt from my Bunkai Training Drills Part 1 on the topic of primary striking. Also is a YouTube clip where I demonstrate how motions in the kata Enpi can be used to support failed primary strikes once integrated into the drills:

The Kata techniques that we integrate into our existing offensive fighting motions should be motions that make up our main offensive artillery, like punching and striking.  Common gross fighting techniques consist of fore fist type punches, open hand and club like strikes.  These form the primary level attacks in our arsenal. Although these specific techniques are all found within Kata it’s important to note that they are not always explicitly emphasised as their applicability and suitability is assumed elsewhere is the Kata. We should acknowledge that in order to approach Kata Combat training seriously, we should be practicing our self-defence skills (physical) within our self-protection (nonphysical) skills in the form of pre-emptive and in-fight strikes.  We should choose to drill a small number of core strikes a large number of times to ensure quality and reliability in our offensive artillery.  We should also be practicing offensive repetition of our core fighting techniques with forward drive to instill the mindset that our opponent can, and will remain a danger to us until sufficient pressure is applied to enable an escape.  It is at this stage that our  secondary level motions are utilised.  Usually our secondary level motions are dictated by and are made in response to the outcomes of our primary strikes 
and are therefore executed out of necessity rather than choice.


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