Favourite KataPublished 03/12/2013
Favourite Kata: I enjoy reading in depth interviews of various Karateka, but still look forward to that seemingly simple question..."So which is your favourite Kata, and why?" In many cases, the response is never absolute, there's a small list and the favourite varies depending on mood, current training goals etc... It's the same for me. Currently I don't have one favourite Kata, I have a few. I like all Kata on my syllabus, but there are definitely a handful that stand out at the top of the list and of course, a couple that are at the bottom. For my last grading, I chose to study and perform Kata that were at the bottom. Although I consider myself disciplined, given the choice naturally I chose to practice the favourites more than the others. In order to have a new perspective on the tail enders, I incorporated them into a study based goal. So it was Jion, Tekki Nidan and Meikyo.

A few years later, all three are promoted higher up the list and now out of that bottom zone. These are my top few - currently, and in alphabetical order of course :o)

Bassai Dai, Enpi, Gankaku, Jion and Kanku Sho

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