Charity fun runPublished 19/12/2013
I've deliberately delayed the posting of today's entry as I took part in a charity fun run at lunchtime. The charity is Winston's Wish - the leading charity for bereaved children in the UK. In today's event we raised close to £500 from donations alone - which I think is brilliant! 

There were 5K, 10K and 10 mile routes available that spanned the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside along bridle paths, muddy river paths, a few suburban roads and the local golf course. The scenery was stunning as it was a very clear and crisp day. I opted for the 10K route but managed to get lost, only to pick up the 10 mile route! I made it back in time for a hot bowl of soup and buffet and straight back into meetings - a power lunch!

I spent most of the initial route running on my own - that's my excuse for getting lost! As is usual with runs like this, I found my thoughts drifting off - nothing to do with running pace or technique, but onto my Karate training. I was able to think crystal clear thoughts on bunkai, drills, technique, blog posts etc... Then I realised I was lost.

Now all I can think about is how much my legs are going to ache tomorrow - bring it on ;o)

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