A Kata Combat sessionPublished 07/12/2013
It was the Kata Combat Self-Defence open group class this morning, so I thought I would share a bit of what we got up to. The theme was to appreciate the chaotic nature of combat and remind ourselves that it will prevent us from landing every strike cleanly. When hitting the pads, the holder usually provides feedback by 'catching' the strike close to its end - as if catching a ball. It's a satisfying feeling when a fast and hard strike lands cleanly on the pads, especially when the target is moving. Today the pad holder intentionally yielded as some of strikes were thrown. The result was frustration for the striker as that satisfying 'thwack' was denied. This also meant that the striker was out of optimal position as they drive forward even closer to the pad holder. From this position we drilled the need for the striker to recover and gain back a dominant position from which to strike again. We looked at the striking arm being used to actively control the pad holder, who by now focuses on fighting back with their own strikes. Once a dominant position is reached, the pad holder reverts back to receiver and feeds and yields the pads and the process starts again. 

We finished on a familiar drill which involved various repetitive strikes from differing positions, and it was down to the pad holder to receive and yield at will to cause chaos and frustration. We then focused on a failed front hook/slap where the strike misses and completes a full arc with the arm chambered right across the front of the body. Harnessing this position, we immediately opposed the hooking motion and threw a forearm/bottom fist strike back at the target.

A great session!

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